Ride and Pint

Thursday night is always one of the best nights of the week. Why? Ride and Pint at Pedalers Fork in Calabasas. I’d gotten in the habit a few months ago of ditching the car and riding the 22 miles along Sullivan Ridge and dirt Mulholland. It takes about an hour and a half in the dirt, but if I leave my house at 4:30 and drive…it also takes an hour and a half. I’d much rather be pedaling than sitting in traffic up and over Topanga.

Last night Josh Cady of the Moots Grassroots racing team joined me. We met up at 26th and San Vicente and suffered through the afternoon heat of the Santa Monica Mountains and all the way to Old Town Calabasas. We got there  a little early and had time to pound some water and refill our bottles (no beer beforehand this time, we were way to parched). Robbie had something up his sleeve. This was the last group ride before we head to Leadville so there was a sense of excitement in the air. Gideon kept dropping grenades this week though, pushing the pace faster and faster with Dave and I playing catch up. We hit Long Valley and from there made our way down Deer Bone, up Pump Hill and up the gut to the top of the overlook and got to the peak right as the sun was setting. We savored the view for a moment before we jetted back down to race the daylight. A few of us had lights but we rolled back to Pedalers right as darkness fell. There was food, beer, and great company as usual. But then, the party was over- it was time for Josh and I to hit the dark dusty trail and make our way back to West LA. 

A Moots party at Pedalers Fork Calabasas

Moots City, USA

cheeseboro pedalers fork ride and pint  mountain bike ride

Catching the sunset in Cheeseboro


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