Leadville: The Journey Begins

It’s been a long day. I’m writing this from the back seat of the 10 Speed Coffee F250 and we’re somewhere just past Grand Junction, CO. It’s 9:26pm and we left Pedalers Fork at 7:30am. We met at Robbie’s for a 6am departure but that quickly got pushed back. There was car packing to be done, a Robbie to be woken up, and coffee and burritos to be consumed. The drive’s been beautiful. We hit the 14 through the high dessert and then jumped on the 15 through Vegas, touched the tip of Arizona and then after a lunch stop at Cafe Rio in St. George it was a long haul through Utah. Desert, canyons, red rocks, mesas, sunsets and rainbows. Almost there. Can’t wait to crawl into bed.

Unloading after midnight. We finally made it

Unloading after midnight. We finally made it

Moots, Leadville, Pedalers Fork, 10 Speed Coffee

That’s a lot of Moots on the G Wagon

Pedallers Fork Leadville 100 Dave Zabriskie

The Peddlers fork crew ready to head off to Leadville.

Cruising down the highway.

Cruising down the highway.

Dave Zabriskie coffee

Dave gets caffeinated with the Extreme Brew


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