Incycle Hammertime #1 (Bonelli)

I love this course. I’ve raced it enough times now that it feels like an old friend. I know the turns (except the few that they change every now and then) but it’s fast, just technical enough, and has the punch climbs to separate the field and make it interesting. Oh, and it feels great to win! It’s hard to imagine that you’re in urban San Dimas as you climb through the golden hills and loop around a lake full of bass fishing boats. The Hammertime race was fun, way more low key than the US Cup race back in the spring. The field was small with lots of beginners and it was so great to see people out racing for the first time, it was fun to encourage them and watch them on the podium for the first time. The organizers do a great job of making everyone feel welcome and engaged. Can’t wait to finish out the series. I’m hoping to take the series overall, just two more to go!

Ryan Steers Pedalers Fork 10 Speed Coffee Bonelli Park Pro XC win

It’s hard to imagine you’re in a city park.

Ryan Steers Incycle Hammertime Pro win Bonelli Park

Coming into the home stretch.

Incycle Hammertime trophy


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