Santa Ynez Kenda Cup #5 Pro XC

Ryan Steers Pedalers Fork Kenda Cup Santa  Ynez

Well that was faster and shorter than I’m used to…

Ryan Steers Rex Steers Los Olivos Kenda Cup Santa Ynez

Post race wine tasting

Since working with coach Billy I’ve come to the realization that my hard days weren’t hard enough and my easy days weren’t easy enough. I guess that’s what coaches are for, right? Under the ever present eye of the powermeter my workouts have stepped up in intensity and I my legs felt better than ever before under heavy acceleration. Even though I got 7th I probably could have maintained my speed for another 2 laps/20 miles. Shoot, does that mean I was going too slow? Probably. Considering I woke up sick on Sunday morning and almost didn’t race I’m pretty happy with the way things went. Oh and the whole family came along for a beautiful weekend in Santa Barbara so I’ll chalk this up as a big win at life.

Let’s just hope poor Zach’s face recovers. Poor guy. First MTB race and he ate it head first down a loose descent.

Zack Manhan

Heal quickly Zach. Ladies love scars

As long as you learn something from the race you’re a winner right? Heal quickly Zach.

Rex had a good time. What other venue has a playground at the start/finish and a vineyard to roll around in afterward. Those tiny fingers are perfect for dropping clusters.


I don’t always race XC, but when I do, I make sure it’s in wine country.

Oh, and hey look, I’m on the Moots page. Do yourself a favor and go ride one.


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