12 Hours of Temecula June 6th 2015

12 Hours of Temecula Moots RSL Solo

Going to be a long day…

…and sometimes the lightning fizzles. Not a great day out there folks. Fast start and leading the solos after the first lap until disaster struck 1/3 of the way through lap two. Continentals have been my go to tire for the last few years but today the bead completely separated from the sidewall on my Race King (the same thing happened to my friend Brian on the exact same tire a few weeks ago so it must have been a bad batch). Of course once I put a tube in and inflated it, the rubber bulged right out of the rip and popped like a balloon a few miles after I got rolling again. I lost an hour hiking back to the start and changing tires. At that point I was out of the running but it would at least be a good training ride. Fifty miles in on lap 6 disaster struck again when I heard a loud bang from my drivetrain on a punchy climb. Shifting ceased and my crank locked.

Shimano broken XT cassette


I looked back and my chain was wedged between cogs on the cassette. Weird. I tried to get back riding but nothing could force the chain loose. On closer inspection the XT cassette spider was shattered. That was the last straw. Some days things just don’t go your way. Until next time friends.


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