Leadville 2015

Leadville Colorado sign LT 100 Moots RSL


What a heartbreaker. I’ve been targeting this race all season and designed my training plan to hit 7 hours and best my last year’s time of 7:30. Double flat DNF. Not fun. The race started fast and my legs felt amazing. I was hanging on Annika’s wheel through Kevins when suddenly there was the telltale psh, psh, psh, of air and Stans squirting everywhere. Crap. I pulled off just in time to see Todd Wells thud, thud, thud his way on a flat tire as he was trying to make it to the aid station a mile down the trail. At least I had company. I jumped off and threw in the spare tube and lost about 5 minutes. By that time it was red zone catch up time. Things were going smoothly again until 100 yards into the power line descent. It was deja vu. My front was flat again. There was a 45 minute hike, an offer of a spare tube, more hiking. So much time lost. I was there to PR and anything less would have been a disappointment. I found a local at the bottom of power line and made the call- hitch hike back into town. I’m not sure what else to even say. Sure I got to watch Lakota finish, and that almost made everything worth while but it just wasn’t the same without crossing the line myself. I have to return.

Leadville LT 100 2015 starting line

Starting Line

Ryan Steers Leadville Pedalers Fork

The Start

Pipeline aid station Leadville LT100


Heading toward Kevins

Heading toward Kevins

Sugarloaf climb Leadville


Eric Bostrom Ben Bostrom Mike Kalenda Leadville 2015 St Kevins

Pre riding

Mike Kalenda Leadville Pizza

Pizza Power!

Moots RSL Leadville

Race Ready

Leadville Colorado


Pre riding with Mike, Eboz and Ben.

Pre riding with Mike, Eboz and Ben.

Ben and Eric Bostrom Leadville 2015 finish

The Boz Bros finish