Shenandoah 100 9/6/15

I love this race. It’s near where I grew up, the course is amazing, the scenery is beautiful, the riders are some of the friendliest dude’s you’ll share the dirt with…but sometimes you just feel off. It’s a long journey from LA to VA and the air travel can suck it out of you. Also, camping the night before can be less than ideal.

Shenandoah 100 2015 Start

I tried for 2 hours to fall asleep but there was a guy snoring in the next tent. Woke up with a sore throat and dizzy. Yada yada. Excuses. Heart rate super high for the first few miles. Hit the first climb and didn’t feel anywhere near as relaxed as the year before. Trouble. Panic set in about mile 20 when the legs were already starting to feel fatigued. Uh oh. 80 miles of second guessing and trying to hold on and finish.

Had Leadville gone well I probably would have dropped but I needed to prove it to myself that I could finish a big race.

Ryan Steers Shenandoah 100 2015

I hate getting passed and there were so many times it felt like I was standing still. I’ve never been so happy to cross the line. Super disappointed with the result but still, I love this race.

The End.


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