Santa Barbara 100k 2015

Jack Nosco Ryan Steers Pedalers Fork Santa Barbara 100 Start SBER 100 Bike 2015

A Chilly Start

Sadistic! Last year the 100 mile 107 degree was apparently just didn’t draw the crowds so it was shortened to 100k and held in the middle of November. Perfect. The weather could not have been better. Highs in the mid 70s, a bit of rain over the past few weeks had packed the worst of the dust down…the only problem? Just shy of 10k feet of climbing in 100k, the majority of which (7k) was in the first 30 miles. Brutal.

We gathered in the cold at 7:30 for the pre-race meeting and lined up shortly after. The original course featured more singletrack, a climb up gibraltar and an out and back toward Camusa. The new route went straight out past the top of Big Pine and retired on the Camusa singletrack.

Eric texted yesterday and said he was racing and I was excited, but my heart sank a little. After losing by a few minutes to DZ last year I was ready for a win and Eboz was certainly going to make things difficult.

We rolled out and headed straight through Oso and up to Little Pine and then kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing. I’ve never done anything like it. Right off the bat it was pretty clear Eric and I would be spending the day together. By the first few miles we’d opened up a several minute lead and chitty chatted for the first 24 miles until things got serious up Big Pine. He dropped me hard. Not sure if it was dehydration, a bonk, mental, or all of the above but my watts dropped and I just could’t hold the pace. He’s a much faster descender so the only chance I had was to out climb him and open up a big enough gap to hold it for the entire 30 mile descent the way home. I failed. By the turn around at mile 32 we were already 3 hours in and I was about 3-4 minutes back.

Santa Barbara 100 Ryan Steers finish

The ride home was pretty fantastic. Mostly downhill but with a few climbs I regained my legs but Eric was already too far in front and carrying too much speed to catch. Traffic got heavy coming down Big Pine and then again just after the 50k turn around. By the time we got to Camusa trail I was beyond exhausted, which is not ideal for such a punchy technical descent. Hopefully everyone made it down in one piece!

What a day. By far one of the hardest races I’ve done. Bring your climbing legs.

Eric Bostrom Eboz Ryan Steers Santa Barbara 100

A well deserved win for Eboz

Podium Santa Barbara 100 mountain bike Ryan Steers Eric Bostrom  SBER

Santa Barbara 100 Finish 




Dave Zabriskie Robbie Schaeffer Jesse Anthony Yerba Buena Malibu Bike

Road Prep

So stoked to be on the new Vamoots RSL! I didn’t realized how bad the Ridley had gotten until I hopped on this beauty. My love of ti has only grown stronger.

Nosco Ride 2015 Deer Creek Scott Lundy Ryan Steers


It smooths out the chattery pavement of Yerba Buena and hauls up the Stunt and Latigo. You really can’t ask for more. I had a chance to really put this baby through the ringer on the Nosco Memorial Ride last week and  cut over 20 minutes off my time from last year and finished right behind the lead group of three. Once these tires wear out I think I’ll throw some 28 tubeless tires on and I’ll be ready to hit the fire roads.

Moots Vamoots RSL Custom headtube Ryan Steers Pedalers Fork

Sweet Headtube Dude

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