Dave Zabriskie Robbie Schaeffer Jesse Anthony Yerba Buena Malibu Bike

Road Prep

So stoked to be on the new Vamoots RSL! I didn’t realized how bad the Ridley had gotten until I hopped on this beauty. My love of ti has only grown stronger.

Nosco Ride 2015 Deer Creek Scott Lundy Ryan Steers


It smooths out the chattery pavement of Yerba Buena and hauls up the Stunt and Latigo. You really can’t ask for more. I had a chance to really put this baby through the ringer on the Nosco Memorial Ride last week and  cut over 20 minutes off my time from last year and finished right behind the lead group of three. Once these tires wear out I think I’ll throw some 28 tubeless tires on and I’ll be ready to hit the fire roads.

Moots Vamoots RSL Custom headtube Ryan Steers Pedalers Fork

Sweet Headtube Dude

Nosco Ride 2015 Start Mavic Car Support


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