SoCal Cross Corriganville Park MTB Relay

Ryan Steers Rex Steers 10 Speed Coffee Moots blue Oakley Jawbreaker

Like father like son

While the cross racers are ending their season the MTB crowd is just getting started. Eric emailed me last week and put this fun looking relay on my radar and I’m so glad he did. It was a great way to put a little pop in the legs: 6 laps total, 2 miles per lap…all in all 6 miles each of sprints. I feel a need for speed!


Since the race was short and just for fun we decided to ride the 20 miles to the start on dirt and road. I’ve never ridden from my house to a starting line before but I think I’m hooked. It’s such a fun way to warm up the legs. Rex and Ali met us there for much needed cheering…and a lazy ride home. I’ve never been to Corriganville Park but the course was a blast.

Ryan Steers Eric Bostrom SoCal Cross Corriganville MTB Relay2016


The mountain bike route shared part of the CX course but then did a rocky sandstone climb and then it was downhill on some great singletrack. We pushed hard from the start and took home the W for the MTB team relay and a really fun start to the season. Vail Lake next week…pending clear skies. I’ve had enough rain down there.


Rex crosses the line!


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