SoCal Endurance 6 Hours of Temecula

Jason puts on some of the most fun races in SoCal. The vibe is chill yet competitive, friendly and fast; it’s a dichotomy rarely seen at other events. You can be riding balls to the wall and get a flat and the dude behind you will stop and throw you a tube and a tool, even if you’re competitors. The January race is always a great proving ground for the season and I chose to opt for the 6 hour solo just to get my feet wet. I hadn’t been putting in the miles for the 12 hour race, nor did I want to blow my legs for half a season.

Ali’s very pregnant and about to pop so I was a little nervous about traveling a few hours away and not having cell phone reception.

Ryan Steers SoCal Endurance Temecula Pedalers Fork 10 Speed Coffee Moots RSL

If you measure from the top of my head I’m catching some big air for an XC guy.

The race started quick. I was near the front but the teams Nick Beechan and a few other super fast dudes formed some teams so it was full on XC race pace. I tried to take it slower but maybe started a little too slow. I didn’t even realize that I was racing against Tinker and he got out quick. I spent the first 4 hours thinking I was in the lead…and then I bonked hard. My toughest adversary is nutrition. Seems like every race I ride into a hole and convince myself that it would be faster to skip a feed and keep on truckin’ than to spend a few seconds plowing through some fuel. Race brain. I turn into an idiot. After a few more hours of suffering it was 3rd place and a podium photo next to Tinker. Always such a nice guy.

Tinker Juarez SoCal Endurance Temecula Ryan Steers Podium

Racing the legend. Still fast.





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