2017 Rockwell Vision Relay

2017 Rockwell Relay Ryan Steers Dave Zabriskie Eric Bostrom Jack Nosco

This post will be a work in progress as there are so many stories and memories but I just wanted to begin to write down how much fun I had racing for 26 hours across the desert with some of the raddest guys I know. A few months ago Jack Nosco emailed myself, Dave Zabriskie and Eric Bostrom and asked if we wanted to participate in this event. He’d done it several times before and had never fully convinced us it was worth a few days away from the family and several thousand miles in the car, but this time something stuck. He had dreams of a podium and Jack has done so much for the local cycling community we wanted nothing more than to see him happy, so we agreed. I had no idea what I was getting in to. Didn’t check the website, photos, route, or even the race location until the day before we left. I should have checked earlier. Once I started to read about the race legs and scenery I was tingling with anticipation. I’d pictured 527 boring miles plowing through sagebrush on windswept rolling wastelands, much like the drive to Vegas. I was way wrong. The scenery was some of the most magical I’ve encountered ever, let alone racing a bike.

Ryan Steers Giant 2017 Vision Rockwell Relay Utah

The mass start was awesome. It allowed for some pace lining for the first 50+ mile leg. The temps were pushing 90 and the 40mph headwind made a break nearly impossible, although it didn’t stop a few guys from trying. A race like this is a battle of attrition and every time someone jumped off the front we let them dangle, wasting precious watts they’d need at four or five in the morning when they were on their last leg at 9000 feet above Cedar City. No this was a race to focus and be smart. The longer you could draft the better. The shorter the pulls the better. And oh dear God don’t fall off the wheel of the leaders or you will never ever see them again.

2017 Start Rockwell Vision Relay Moab Utah Ryan Steers Giant Danny Lupold2017 Vision Relay Moab hot windy pace line Giant bicycles TCR Disc

2017 Rockwell Vision Relay winners Ryan Steers Dave Zabriskie Jack Nosco Eric Bostrom St. George Utah


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