A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m fortunate enough to be sponsored by companies I use and love, but there’s also products out there from companies that aren’t sponsors but I buy and use regularly because I love them and I think they work. These include Floyd’s of Leadville CBD for post ride recovery and assistance falling asleep or relaxing on those nights when your brain just won’t turn off.

Floyd's of Leadville CBD Hemp Oil soft gel

Relax. It’s supposed to be fun


Who doesn’t love gadgets and tech items? Last year I took the plunge and picked up a WHOOP strap to track my recovery and fitness, and, used in conjunction with coach Billy, and Training Peaks it’s been an awesome tool to gauge my recovery and tell me when to back down. It’s smarter than the other fitness trackers out there and provides all kinds of fun data like HRV, sleep cycles, recovery and strain. One thing I’ve learned? Never check your recovery score on race day! There’s no need to psych yourself out. The latest software has automatic activity detection. My biggest discovery is how much sleep you need when you’re riding and training hard- 8 hours just don’t apply to athletes, sometimes the needs are impossibly high at around 10-11 hours after hard races and workouts and naps are the only way to catch up. It’s also really easy to dig yourself into a sleep deprivation hole as well. Want to grab one at a discount? Use WHOOP discount code RSTEERS150 and grab one for $150 off and give it a try.


Ryan Steers Whoop Recovery Belgian Waffle Ride Giant Bicycles


Another product I use post ride is a meal/nutritional shake that my friend Casey came up with called Fieldwork Nutrition. It’s a hack of all the awesome things I was putting in my smoothies to begin with but in one convenient package. It’s got tart cherry, curcumin, electrolytes, grass-fed whey protein, aminos, pro and probiotics and it’s all natural and healthy. It tastes great and blends easily with your favorite fruit and I always have a small pack tucked in my race bag for an easy breakfast.

Fieldwork Nutrition Primo Smoothie Meal natural probiotic vanilla

Mexican Vanilla, in Mexico


Oh, and my favorite thing- riding bikes! Come join Dave Zabriskie and myself as we show you the best gravel cycling around Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Mountains at DZ Nuthouse!