About Me?

First things first, brand new shameless self promotion! I’m super excited to announce the launch of DZ Nuthouse, a four day all inclusive gravel camp out of Calabasas. Come dine at Pedalers Fork and stay at the Anza Hotel and ride gravel bikes with myself and Dave Zabriskie! We will show you around our favorite spots in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s going to be…rad.

DZ Nuthouse


Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Hello there. My name is Ryan Steers.

My neighbor gave me a Mountain Bike Action magazine in 1993 right after I’d had my tonsils removed. I was eight years old. Tinker Juarez was on the cover and I was confined to the couch for a few days so I read the thing cover to cover about a dozen times.  As soon as I recovered, I went into the woods behind my house with a rake, a shovel, and some clippers and made a trail. It was only about a mile but I took my purple Specialized Hardrock on it almost every day after school. I was in love with riding.

After a several year affair with running, rowing in college, and road racing (I still am not sure what I was thinking) it was back to the dirt. In the fall of 2010 I took a trip with Topanga Creek Bicycles up to Idylwild for the 24 Hours of Adrenaline race. It was freezing, exhausting, scorching, filthy, and there were dudes handing out whiskey shots on the 6am lap. It was amazing. The rest is history.  This season I’m honored to race Pro XC/Endurance/Gravel for Giant Co-Factory Off-Road. They’re a stellar organization and have incredible bikes, gear, and most importantly; community.

In March 2015 I started working with coach Billy Rice to fine tune the training and diet and focus more on the endurance races. Riding is fun and long rides are even more fun, however, it’s easy to ride too much. Sometimes you need someone to tell you when to stop and when to go hard, and when to go even harder. It became apparent that riding several hours a day at a medium pace was not the best way to faster. If you want to get faster Billy has a wealth of knowledge and some unconventional techniques that might work well for you: http://www.invictuscycling.com

I’m also a USAC Level 3 coach myself but you know what they say. Want a terrible coach? Coach yourself. I’m happy to work with you though- especially if you’re in the Conejo area and want to learn from my what not to do experiences.

Want more details about a race that I did a crummy job of reporting? Need trail or riding advice in the Los Angeles/Malibu/Conejo area? Want to say hi?  Shoot me a message.


4 thoughts on “About Me?

  1. Ryan Osswald says:

    Hi Ryan,

    My name is Ryan and I’m a bicycle tour guide for Trek Travel. I’m currently in Solvang for work and was looking for some mtb’ing around here. I came across the SB 100 which seems to be cancelled until next year and will be the Santa Ynez 100. I was wondering if you had tcx track or file for that route. I’m just looking for some long mtb rides to do out here. Dirt, road, single track, anything really, but the less paved road the better. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks man,



  2. daum bentley says:

    Hey there Ryan. I am new to Strava and I see you at the top of the leader boards of all the MTB hillclimb sections that I often ride. Paseo Miramar,Calabasas Peak ect. Amazing to see how short your times are! I was wondering what kind of bike you where riding for those CRs. I see you where rocking that Cannondale in a couple pics but I wasn’t sure.




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