You’re Welcome?

Thanks for stopping by, I guess. If your looking for detailed course info, race recaps, race pics or tips to make you a better racer then you’ve definitely come to the wrong place. If you’re screwing around at work and did a Google image search for a race and stumbled here, then welcome. I hope I hold your attention until your boss comes around to peek over your shoulder.


2 thoughts on “You’re Welcome?

  1. Rory Cox says:

    Hey Ryan. Couple of questions…
    1) I’m moving to Pasadena in August (will be there a year), and can’t wait to ride some trails. I’ve signed up for the Grizzly 100 gran fondo, but not sure my Yeti SB-75 (weighs just under 32lbs) is going to be suitable….will the weight kill me? Would a hardtail 29er make a huge difference?

    2) How much for the Cannonade 29er?!

    Any tips on riding and training near Pasadena would be great. Will have a road bike and mtb (also signed up for Gaimon’s cookie dough 130km ride).



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